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Venue booking


A number of rooms are available to hire for conferences, workshops and meetings. Charges include wifi, parking, tea and coffee. All rooms are modern, comfortable, air-conditioned and have underfloor heating. Equipment is available to suit a variety of needs and the room set up can be adjusted to suit a range of bookings. 

Rooms available (click for images) Seating capacity
Seminar 1
up to 50
Seminar 2 up to 35
Seminar 1 & 2 up to 95
APPA Lounge up to 45
Maungawhau Room up to 25
NZEI room up to 40

Each seminar room is priced at $75/hour with a 4 hour minimum charge. Each booking over 25 people has an additional charge of $3.50 per person. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Kohia Room Booking Request form
(101.9 kB, MSWORD)
Agreement Form
(53.2 kB, MSWORD)

To book a room for your event email