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Up Grade: Skills for postgraduate study



‘Up Grade’ is an eight week course to prepare you for postgraduate study. The course has been developed by the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education and Social Work, and is delivered by faculty staff.

The aims of the course are to:

  • Build the analytical and academic writing skills necessary for successful postgraduate study.
  • Build confidence that postgraduate study is achievable and worthwhile.
  • Enable you to make an informed decision regarding your future study and qualification options. 


Registration for this programme is managed by the University of Auckland’s Kohia Education Centre.
To register please click here: Up Grade: Skills for postgraduate study or phone 09 623 8977

Programme overview   

This course runs over eight afternoon sessions.

The course will have two main components:

  • Activities related to the processes involved in critiquing academic literature.
  • Activities related to the processes involved in writing a literature review.

The first session will be a three-hour induction session.

Each subsequent session will be a combination of lectures, discussions and exercises all designed to build your skills. At each session you will engage with researchers and academic advisers who will share their experiences and answer your questions.

Programme schedule
(50.3 kB, PDF)

Who should attend?    

This course is designed for teachers, social workers, nurses or anyone wishing to transition to postgraduate study.

Academic prerequisites for postgraduate study can be found at


  •  Coursework will be assessed with three assignments:
  •  Critique of a selected article.
  •  Literature review on an approved topic.
  •  A short reflection/blog documenting your thoughts as you prepare for postgraduate study.

Assessments will be graded in a way that provides prospective postgraduate students with a clear understanding of the required level of achievement required at postgraduate level. 

Up Grade programmes 2017

Semester Two

Venue: Manukau Institute of Technology, Otara, Manukau.

Dates: Wednesday 31 August - Wednesday 01 November (2 week break during school holiday)

Course fee    

The course fee is $350 including GST.

Programme enquiries   

Please direct all programme enquiries to:

  •  Jean Allen

Programme Coordinator, Faculty of Education and Social work.


  •  Bev Hosking

Programme Advisor, Faculty of Education and Social Work.  

Phone 09 968 8765 ext 7361



Toni Bruce PhD, MSc, BPhEd

Toni Bruce is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. She has taught at universities in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Her research focuses on media representation and issues of inequality related to gender, race/ethnicity, disability and national identity. Toni uses methodologies such as content and textual analysis, surveys, in-depth interviewing, fieldwork, auto-ethnography and ethnographic fiction.

Pam Millward EdD, MEdMgt, BEd (Hons)
Pam Millward is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. She was a primary school teacher and a deputy principal before becoming a lecturer at the University of Auckland in 2001. Her research is focused on organisational learning to lift student achievement at both the school and tertiary level. Her current research project is an intervention study to foster gifted and talented undergraduate students. 

Tessa Tupai MEd, BEd (Hons)

Tessa Tupai is a Professional Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. She coordinates the University of Auckland programmes based at Manukau Institute of Technology. She was a learning adviser in the Learning Support Centre at Manukau Institute of Technology, with a particular focuson supporting students with the development of academic skills required to be successful in their studies. Tessa is also doing her doctoral research at the University of Auckland focusing on the experiences of first-generation university students.

Chris Moselen MEd, GradDipTchg(Primary), Diploma of the NZ Library School, BA
Chris Moselen is the Library Manager at the Faculty of Education. She spent eight years teaching in primary schools in Auckland, and has been manager of the Sylvia Ashton Warner Library since 2007. She completed her Master of Education, which focused on the research behaviour of education masters students. 

Fetaui Iosefo Master of Professional Studies BEd

Fetaui Iosefo is a Professional Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Fetaui is based at Manukau Institute of Technology and teaches on the Foundation Certificate as well as the Bachelor of Education Programme. She has recently completed her Master of Professional Studies after starting her study at the University of Auckland at Manukau over 15 years ago. Fetaui is currently undertaking doctoral research, and has classroom experience within Primary and Higher Education.

Jean Allen MEd, PG Dip, BEd

Jean Allen has recently completed her Master of Education at the University of Auckland and is currently undertaking doctoral research. She is a primary trained classroom teacher, who has a keen interest in issues of social justice. Her Masters research focused on media representation of South Auckland, allowing for the youth of South Auckland to speak back and voice their thoughts about their community. Jean was a successful participant in the first Upgrade course offered by the University of Auckland at Manukau Institute of Technology in 2012.

Una Lightfoot Masters of Professional Studies, BA, Dip Tchg

Una Lightfoot is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at Manukau Institute of Technology. She has recently completed her Masters in Professional Studies- Education following her successful completion of the first Upgrade course held by the University of Auckland at Manukau Institute of Technology in 2012.Her teaching and research is focused on the use of exemplars to facilitate student acquisition of content and academic writing in higher education. The use of reflective  practice and self-study are also of particular interest to her.

This programme also includes a number of guest speakers and graduates.