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Secondary Provisionally Certificated (Beginning) Teacher Programmes

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"To be issued with a full practising certificate, a teacher must have undertaken a period of induction and mentoring and must meet the "Standards for the Teaching Profession" (Education Council NZ). 

Mentor facilitators will guide the PCT participants through a process of inquiry to support practice in schools. Teachers will be encouraged to be adaptive, innovative, practitioners who share evidence of their inquiries during these sessions. The sessions will be responsive to the needs of teachers and may be differentiated within the group with supporting expertise if needed.

Each session will include

• collaborative problem solving and celebration of teaching experiences.

• a new phase of inquiry. Different models of the teaching inquiry cycle will be acknowledged with mentors ensuring that the underlying principles of inquiry are understood.

• follow-up inquiry informed from previous sessions. 

• time where participants reflect on personal practice and create content for portfolios of evidence.

• knowledge building of curriculum and effective teaching pedagogies.

Secondary Mentor Teacher Programme

Secondary Mentor Teacher Programme

Programme sessions: 27 February, 15 May and 3 July 2018.

This three day programme is for secondary teachers who are mentoring beginning teachers. The workshops will be responsive to participant needs and will include the following:

  • The mentor teacher role
  • Effective educative mentoring conversations
  • Strategies for observation with effective feedback/feed forward
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Evidence required for full registration
  • Linking the evidence to the Registered Teacher Criteria
  • Sharing content from the beginning teachers’ workshops including: knowing your learner, collaborative learning, differentiation and behaviour management.