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Mentor Teacher Programmes - Primary and Secondary

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Programmes description, locations and dates for 2018

This 3 full day session programme will enable mentor teachers to support Beginner Teacher inquiry into effective pedagogy

Over three sessions the programme will cover:

Introduction to the Mentor Teacher role:

• relevant Education Council updates; 

• the Practising Teacher Criteria

• the induction and mentoring programmes, roles and responsibilities

• use of the 0.2 allowance;

• documentation requirements and the registration process

Inquiry into Practice:

• observation of practice and feedback to teachers

• analysing teacher practice

• ongoing mentoring and reporting, developing portfolios and evidence

Secondary Mentor Teacher Programme

Auckland – Kohia Centre, Epsom

Programme sessions: 27 February, 15 May and 3 July 2018

This three-day programme is for secondary teachers who are mentoring beginning teachers. The workshops will be responsive to participant needs and will include the following:

  • The mentor teacher role
  • Effective educative mentoring conversations
  • Strategies for observation with effective feedback/feed forward
  • Teaching as inquiry
  • Evidence required for full registration
  • Linking the evidence to the Registered Teacher Criteria
  • Sharing content from the beginning teachers workshops including: knowing your learner, collaborative learning, differentiation and behaviour management