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Kohia Centre

About the programmes

Kohia Centre has a range of beginning teacher programmes on offer for 2015


Kohia Centre is delighted to continue to provide innovative beginning teacher programmes this year. For your convenience they are available at Auckland, North Shore, Kerikeri and Whangarei venues.

Each programme is supported at every session by an experienced teacher who is available to assist with the induction and mentoring of beginning teachers.

Sessions are led by facilitators who have expertise in their field and include:

  • getting started in the classroom
  • keeping records of professional learning
  • working towards registration
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • various other curriculum and management topics.

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Feedback from previous participants

Great opportunity to talk and share with others who are at the same part of the teaching journey.

I have really loved coming to every session! It has provided so many simple teaching strategies, which we need!

This course has been really well structured and has covered really important areas and struggles that I have faced this year.

The whole course was awesome and I loved the teaching and activity ideas you gave us.

Great time to get with other teachers to discuss how they are getting on and share ideas.

I have found the courses at Kohia extremely useful and beneficial as a BT. Everything learnt in the course I have implemented into the classroom in some way.

This course has been helpful! The things we have learnt have been very relevant and appropriate for my year level. We have been taught practical things which were easy to integrate into the classroom.

I love how we are able to talk and share ideas with the other people on our course. It is a time where we can get ideas off each other, vent and make each other feel that what we are doing in the classroom is good.

This course has been well timed throughout the year. It has been very in tune with the process a first year teacher is going through. Having hands on practical workshop days has been useful and a great motivation to take the ideas and implement them into the classroom.

All sessions were fantastic and I took away new knowledge from them all. Practical ideas are very helpful – things you can easily add to your classroom programme.

I have really enjoyed these courses and they have been extremely valuable. I have used many of the ideas and concepts in my own classroom and the children have really enjoyed the activities.

I enjoyed having the workshops split into curriculum areas this year and got heaps of ideas to translate into our learning programmes at school. The collaborative nature of the course was good – lots of best practice sharing as well as challenges each of us faced – (problem shared is a problem halved).

The combination of reflecting on experiences with people at the same stage in their career as me, and the workshops having hands-on activities has been great.

Well organised and structured sessions. Excellent quality speakers.

Course was so relevant. Have used so many activities and lessons in the classroom and it has been great getting to know other BT’s. Can’t wait till next year.

Really great, useful, practical things we can do in class. Enjoyed the hands-on learning. Awesome group of people and skilled facilitators.

Having practising teachers doing the workshops.

Lecturers were awesome; had a great understanding of what they were teaching. Really happy with the content of the course, heaps of useful resources!

Very enjoyable and invaluable “pastoral” support.

Practical teaching ideas that could be implemented immediately, were great!

I really enjoyed all these sessions. They have all been very helpful, practical and valuable and have helped me greatly with my teaching this year. I found all of the people presenting the sessions to be excellent too.

Really enjoyed the variety of speakers and educators.